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myknishisdelish's Journal

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and the good book says, 'you shall talk about sex'
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kosher sex, unkosher sex, talk about it here


Hi, welcome tomyknishisdelish. First of all, this is not an open community. I will most likely be accepting anyone that 'applies' for membership, though.

This is a place where Jews can come to talk about sex, whether this be sexual laws in the Talmud/Torah etc (ie kosher sex), regular sex, or those that practice different lifestyles. No flaming or harassing with be tolerated. I wanted to make this community someplace where everyone is accepted, whether that be Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstuctionist.

Any and all sexual orientations are accepted. Which 'sexual' you are should not be an issue.

Please try to keep posting on topic as much as possible, however, if you feel that there is something that you don't feel comfortable posting in one of the other jewish communities because of content, here is probably a good place for you to post.

Remember, tolerance is love.

Oh yes, please no posting of (nude-seminude-anythingthatcouldbeconsiderednude) photos, since I'm not cutting off an age limit for entrance into the community. I know everyone is capable of handling themselves in a mature and respectible manner. Blah blah blah. I know, but I had to post that to save my own tush.

If you flame or harass me or any other members of this community, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

(Jews for Jesus are not welcome)

Official Rules
1. No flaming or harassing

2. Do not question other members level of Jewishness*. No particular sect of Judaism should be shown as elite or 'more right' than any other.

3. No sexuality or lifestyle should be shown as elite or 'more right' than others. There is no 'normal' when it comes to this subject.

4. Please put anything longer than 20 sentences under an LJ cut.

5. No nudity/partial nudity. If you want to post something that shows nudity, please ask me beforehand and if I let you, please put it behind an LJ cut.

6. While I will allow cursing and use of terms that are normally seen as inappropriate, only use them if you absolutely need to and please don't call any members of this community any of these somewhat derogatory names.

7. If you want to post a promotion for a community on this one, please ask me first.

8. No MEMEs, surveys, MEMEs or survey.

9. If you are going to leave the community at any time, please do not write a post about it. Since this community is young, I can imagine that some people who would have joined at the beginning may start disagreeing with the content and want to leave. That is fine. Of course, we will miss anyone that has contributed to the community, but this type of thing is expected to some degree. Again, don't write a post saying you are leaving. If you feel the need to tell me why you are leaving, you may write me a private e-mail (please request if needed).

10. No further postings on: masturbation, spilling of the seed, halacha in regards to female and/or male masturbation. All future posts that I think are repeating (if you aren't being repetitive, post away!) something that has already been discussed will be deleted. All threads on these topics will go in the memories section and you can refer back to them before you...


December 11th:
Wow, guys, I'm really excited. I was not expecting this kind of turn-out. Thank you for everyone that has joined. You are all making me very happy. Cheers!

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